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About me

I am a Stockton-based free-lance web designer, who started out when Google was still a fledgling search engine based in a garage! There wasn't much in the way of design software in those days, so most websites had to be hand-coded from scratch (a practice I still enjoy today).

I hold a masters degree from Teesside University, where I worked as a web designer in 2006-2008. I permanently switched from the academic world to web design in 2010 and launched Yarm Webcraft the same year.

Unlike some design agencies (who often prefer to do everything remotely by email or phone), I put the needs of my customers first and try, whenever possible, to meet my clients personally. This helps me get a better understanding of their website needs and represents a crucial first step in our future working relationship.

"I found Owen through google. I was immediately impressed by his work so took the plunge to invest in a website for my aesthetic company. He will probably kill me for advertising this, but he seems to be on call 24/7!" - Jacqui Simpson (Just Enhance Aesthetics)