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  • 05-08-2017
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The Human Enquiry Project is a not-for-profit organisation created and run by retired spinal surgeon, Manoj Krishna, which aims to help people explore and understand themselves more deeply. Featuring videos, podcasts, mindmaps and slides, as well as Manoj's companion book Understanding Me, Understanding You, the website is a fascinating look into the human condition.

Manoj was an absolute pleasure to work with during the building of this website and I found (and still find) our meetings together both enlightening and enjoyable.

Manoj Krishna, Yarm-on-Tees
Human Enquiry Project

"It's been a real pleasure working with Owen. He takes the time and trouble to really listen to what you need and helps develop the vision you have. Technically he is very good and always willing to help. Couldn't recommend him more highly. He is also a wonderful human being!" 

From The Human Enquiry Project

The Human Enquiry Project is a not-for-profit project which aims to bring the benefits of understanding ourselves and how our minds work to everyone. Beyond our awareness, the human mind functions in the same way in us all. Understanding ourselves brings wisdom, happiness and peace. With this understanding our relationships can improve and our problems can dissolve.

The book Understanding Me, Understanding You, provides an easy road map for everyone to explore and understand themselves more deeply. This can transform our lives and the world we live in. Take the first step and find out for yourself.

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