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  • 23-03-2020
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Lorwen Jewellery & Crafts is a new business started by Lorna Warden, specialising in up-cycled silver-based jewellery made from natural materials ranging from Sea Glass to fossils. Though employed as a school art technician, Lorna is, in fact, a fully qualified and highly talented silversmith, with a BA (Hons) degree from Sheffield Hallam University. With over a decade of experience working for one of Sheffied's top jewellery outlets, PA Jewellery, her return to the jewellery industry has been a long time in the planning.

Lorna wanted her website to minimalistic and clean with no use of a home page, so visitors are taken directly to the products. The shopping cart is likewise simplistic, so users can buy the products they like in as few steps as possible.

From Lorwen Jewellery & Crafts

Hi. I'm Lorna, a silversmith and jeweller based in lovely Stockton-on Tees. Lorwen Jewellery & Crafts utilises natural materials salvaged from the beautiful northeast coastline and elsewhere around the UK to make unique, one-off items of jewellery.

I use only Sterling Silver in my designs (no monkey metal!) and make everything personally by hand. Because I mostly work with natural formed materials (such as sea glass, pebbles and fossils), many of the jewellery items on this website are unique "one-offs". So, if you see an item you like, don't hang around. Once it's gone, it's gone!

If you're locally based, keep a lookout for me at local craft fairs or have a browse through this website for something special. - Thanks!

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